Unplugged Coding Game

A unique fast paced card game that teaches essential HTML terms that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Unicorn Ninjas games stacked up with one showing a Unicorn fighting monsters

Coding in a Box

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Invest in the Future

"These days understanding about computers is important, and this game taught those concepts without having to be on a computer in a fun and engaging way."

Christina M., Elementary School Teacher

Learning Through Play

"It created an educational environment in a relaxing way. The kids were learning through having fun and really learned the element names."

Sorina S., Middle School Teacher

Educationally Tested

"All the teachers said they loved the game. The kids had a really great time. Overall it was definitely a great experience.”

Graham S., Academic Director

Add Unicorn Ninjas to your Curriculum

At home, or in the classroom, Unicorn Ninjas is a great treat for all ages to learn core concepts of HTML terminology, HCI, pattern recognition, and more.